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Booking Your Portrait Session In The Time Of Covid.

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Portrait sessions have resumed! We've been waiting for the weather to cool and figuring out in the meantime how to work in this new Covid-19 world we are living in. The weather in Bakersfield being as hot as it is in the summer and being conscience of the need for conducting business in a well ventilated area—the most likely option was to shoot outside but, it was too hot. So, now that cool Fall weather is in full swing we're ready with a variety of outdoor studio environments to shoot in.

All Clients Must Sign a Covid-19 Waiver.

At your session I will have a Covid-19 waiver and model release for you to sign. A copy will be emailed to you with a link to the client galley to review the images from your session. All photo sessions will be held in an outdoor studio setup. Availability for booking your session is Monday - Friday from 9am to 2pm and Saturdays from 11am to 2pm. Go to the Contact Page to request a portrait session and let us know what dates and times you would like to book.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are not offering hair and makeup services

at this time. We are working on solutions to bring this service back safely under the new guidelines.

Safety First!

I will be wearing a face mask during your entire photoshoot, standing 6 to 12 feet away from you at all times, and coaching you through your entire session into poses that will flatter you. In order to maintain social distancing and minimize contact I will be asking

you to help move around a posing box or stool during your session—don't worry it's

really easy!

There will be a (non-refundable) $99 booking fee that you can use towards the purchase of headshots. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule that fee will be applied to your next session.

Call (661) 243-0931 today to book your session!

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