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End of the year wrap-up!

So many amazing events this year. Some good some not so good and some are so incredible that they change your entire mindset and life path! One of those pretty cool events I didn't share on my own blog so saving the best for last. Today while I look back at the last (nearly) 12 months and all the moments, new friends I made, and all I'm grateful for I want to share this one pretty cool thing that happened. In August I was interviewed by my friend and fellow portrait photographer Nikki Closser the host of The Portrait System Podcast. We talked about some very difficult topics—ones that I have avoided talking about publicly for years and we talked about the things that have changed my work life and personal life this year. Listen to the podcast here:

And don't miss the blog featured on Sue Bryce Education with my Q&A: How to Overcome Your Pricing Blocks with Shauna Crane

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