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How long has it been since you updated your headshot?

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

For me it's been 6 years since I was professionally photographed. Yes, even I am guilty of not keeping the face of my brand up-to-date.

So, this week I took my own personal branding portraits. Partly because I needed a promotional headshot for an upcoming podcast interview. But, mostly because it was time...well beyond time to update my profile. Not only that but I've aged a bit, lost weight, and completely changed my hair color. Not too long ago a client even commented that he didn't recognize me from my "old" headshot that I had on ALL my social media—I needed to walk-the-walk.

This one is my favorite and I captured this with my cell phone. Yes, my cell phone because I needed to be the photographer and the subject but the only way to do that effectively was to be able to see myself while I was getting into pose. I put my phone on a tripod, reversed the screen, and set a 10 second timer. I went through about 75 shots to get 10 that I loved and 2 that worked best for what I immediately needed. Being a photographer affords me this option to do this but, not everyone knows the little tricks to get a cell phone in the right angle, light, and pose to achieve this professional result—so just imagine what I can do for you when you get in front of my Canon Camera!

Call me at (661) 243-0931 to book your Headshot or Personal Branding portrait session today or click here to request a consultation.

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