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My First Podcast and Instagram Live!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

July 2021 has been a whirlwind for me. Moving into a new studio, adding in new floors, getting studio lights to level-up my portrait work, oh and taking part in my very first podcast and Instagram Live! About a month ago I recived a call from Michael I. Roberts the host of Small Business Celebration a podcast that interviews small business owners around Kern County to get their take on what owning and running a small business has been like for them. Business owners impart their pearls of wisdom whilst sharing their experiences in starting and growing a strong and profitable business. So I was honored to be asked to be interviewed and included in this incredible body of work.

What Michael does is pretty amazing, asking specifically formulated questions that get to the heart of the business owner's perspective and making you feel so at ease—it's like having a great conversation with your best friend. And if you've ever watched California's Gold on KCET you'll notice a familiarity to his voice that makes you feel like you've known Michael for years.

I watched the podcast after it launched and crying (again) aside I felt very empowered and all those initial insecurities and fears I had about doing this just started to melt away. I'm so thrilled with the positive response this has received and I hope watching it helps you with marketing, self confidence, and taking the leep to expanding your soical media presence.

If you are at work, the gym, on a walk, or anywhere you're not able to watch the podcast listen to it on your favorite Podcast service or click the button below which will link you to Google Podcasts and to listen to my chat with Michael Roberts host of Small Business Celebration.

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